Lauderhill Overpass | 2011-2017
Roberto and Jacek have been working with community partners from the City of Lauderhill and the Broward YMCA to envision the transformation of the overpass structure. The design addresses the challenges of an imposing and divisive bridge by introducing large scale shade structures that provide shelter and protection as much as they aim to reflect the identity of the surrounding community.
The Generals | Generalicja WP | digital photos​ | 2015-2017
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Stadtluft Macht Frei | 2013-2014

Stadtluft macht frei (urban air makes you free) is a German Mediaeval dictum describing a principle of law that offered freedom and land to settlers who took up urban residence for more than “a year and a day.” Broadly speaking, this principle allowed the rising burger class to seek self-governance and economic autonomy. The proliferations of the city communes redefined the socio-economic landscape of Mediaeval Europe. This collaborative multimedia enquiry brings together voices of three discrete academic disciplines to offer a unique artistic interpretation of this complex historic process. This project employs an array of techniques including 3-d fabrication, video, printmaking and digital sound composition

Stadtluft Macht Frei | video | 2013-2014

Video: Jacek J. Kolasiński
Music: Orlando Jacinto Garcia
RT: 10 min 29 sec
Year of production: 2014


The Generals | Generalicja WP | digital prints | 2015-2017

In this project, I propose to examine complex relationships between personal memory, toys, public monuments and notion of history as tenets shaping personal identity.


The Generals | Generalicja WP | mixed media archive | 2015-2017

Mixed Media: Polaroid photos, customized rubber stamps

Floating Island Series | digital prints | 2015 -18

This body of mixed media work investigates an idea of an artificial manmade floating structure as a potential solution to sea level rising. It alludes to exuberant human struggles to protect disappearing habitats and ameliorate consequences of dramatic climate changes.

Ezili Dantò - Madonna Kreolska | Creole Archive | 2015 - 2019

My most recent work explores trans-national connections between Poland and the global South, or Haiti in particular. I have been investigating the Black Madonna of Częstochowa that has been inextricably intertwined both with Polish and Haitian cultural identities. My mode of investigation has involved an archive creation, 3d scanning, 3d printing, collage work, and collaboration with family members who trace their genealogy to Haiti.

Lapidatium I-III | mixed media | 2015 -2016

Lapidatium is a collection of over 35 mixed media objects created between 2015 - 2017. This projects incorporates a wide variety of materials ranging from 3D prints, 3doodler drawings foam and discarded electric cables, zip ties and construction sites debris. A Lapidarium is a place where fragments of monuments and architecture are preserved and displayed. Often such collections are derived from the ruins –indeed the Latin word lapis means stone—of our distant history. On display are broken pediments, crumbling marble columns, and shreds of ornate façades with discarded fragments, too, but of a different material: plastic. Through three-dimensional printer’s software, I have attempted to reconstruct from own my childhood memories a collection of mediaeval landmark buildings festooned with flying buttresses, arched windows and stone vaulted ceilings, Rather than mimetic realism, though, what is of interest are the unexpected glitches and resultant “mutations” of forms. That is, the latter provide portals to half-remembered memories. As a lapidarium exists to commemorate and preserve forlorn and decaying objects (that suddenly and arbitrarily gain importance in history) my collection of discarded digital failures attempts to elevate and stabilize memory by coating seemingly formless plastic materials in insulating foam sealant and a hand drawn plastic mesh-like matrix.

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