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The word “old” has become symbolically alienated from public discussion in almost all contemporary societies. As a result, the needs of seniors often escape the attention of planners, architects, artists or the media. The elderly face many problems, feeling unwanted in public spaces and useless to the capitalist machine when they stop pursuing gainful employment. They often find refuge in their backyard garden or allotment plot. These places become an extension of their own home, a space for respite but also for work to which seniors turn when they can no longer actively participate in social life. Eventually, gardens and allotment plots become places where people feel comfortable because they are managed according to their own rules.

The concept originates from a reflection on the situation of the elderly migrant community from the Caribbean Islands living in Miami.  Stanisław Małecki | Curator


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Centrum Sztuki Galeria EL Kuśnierska 6, 82-300 Elbląg , Poland


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ISBN Softcover: 9781715427610 Publish Date: Sep 01, 2020 Language English
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